KGH is a South African based training company which employs expert educators and instructors who are locally and internationally trained and have many years of local and international health care & life support training experience.

KGH Education Training Center is an affiliated Life Support Training Center of the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa (RCSA); and provides RCSA accredited CPR courses which also qualify for Discovery Vitality Points.

Our life support instructors are American Heart Association (AHA) and RCSA trained Life Support instructors; with a training center coordinator who has previously opened and managed two life support training sites.

Our educators are highly qualified health care professionals, who believe in life-long learning. Their qualifications include a master’s Degree; Degrees in Education and Nursing; Managerial-; Occupational Health-; Midwifery & Psychiatric nursing Diplomas; as well as International certification in Environmental Health and Safety (NEBOSH) and Breastfeeding (IBCLC).

Their vast clinical experience of over 80 years combined, ranges from adult and pediatric Critical Care Nursing, Occupational Health; Pediatric care; Obstetric care; Nursing Management and Clinical Education; to Environmental Health and Safety Training and Quality Improvement in health care and non-health care work environments.

Our continuous education courses for healthcare professionals are accredited with CPD points by University of Johannesburg (SA); while we also provide Health and Safety, Infection Control, Customer Care and CPR First Aid training for non-healthcare workers and lay people.

The School of Ministry provides a 3-year Bible School curriculum developed for the enrichment of God’s Kingdom. The course will consist of weekly classes, presented by the pastors of the ministry; who have about 20 years’ experience in ministering and promoting the Word of God. The course will be run from January to November each year.